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Bar List & Cocktail Menu The Orchard’s Bar has a fully-loaded drinks and cocktail list. Happy Hour everyday 5-7pm.

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Our bar staff has a well-deserved reputation for serving up sensational cocktails and mixed drinks, with the ever-popular espresso martini being a crowd favourite.

Drinks & Cocktail Menu


We take our mixology seriously at the Orchard Bar & Restaurant.
If you don’t see a cocktail on our menu that takes your fancy, please don’t hesitate to ask our Internationally trained Mixologist to create a custom made a cocktail that is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds! All prices are subject to change and the standard 10% government tax and 5% service added.

Espresso Martini ….. 85k
A delicious blend of vodka, Kahlua, sugar cane syrup and rich espresso coffee shaken and strained and topped with roasted coffee beans for a perfect pick-me-up!

Passion fruit Mojito ….. 89k
An Orchard favourite… import white Rum muddled with fresh mint, lime juice, fresh-pressed sugar cane syrup, passion fruit purée and a splash of soda, topped with a sprig of mint and passionfruit pulp.

The Orchard Gin & Tonic ….. 89k
Two chunky pieces of chopped sliced Pomelo, infused with rosemary served with tonic on ice, throwing a wonderfully refreshing twist to an old favourite.

Passionfruit & Lychee Margarita ….. 85k
A fruity twist on an old favourite. Tequila, triple sec, fresh lychee juice, tangy passionfruit purée and sugar cane syrup shaken and garnished with burned rosemary and screwed lychee.

Scotch sour ….. 85k
A delightful blend of Johny Walker whiskey, lime, sugar cane syrup & egg white shaken and topped with a dash of nutmeg.

Ginger gin fizz ….. 89k
Fresh muddled ginger with fresh lime juice, Gordon’s Gin, egg white and sugar cane syrup seasoned with burned rosemary.

Lemon drop Martini …..85k
A refreshing hit of vodka shaken with lemon juice & our very own special spiced syrup finished off with finely sliced lemon zest.

Classic Mojito ….. 85k
Fresh, muddled lime & handpicked mint stirred with white rum, sugar cane syrup with a dash of soda & served on ice.

Basil Gimlet ….. 89k
Fragrant basil leaf, twice shaken with fresh lime juice, our homemade basil syrup, egg white & Gordon Gin.

After Eight Martini ….. 85k
The perfect after-dinner cocktail offering a delightful mix of crème de menthe, vodka & dark chocolate ice cream and seasoned with a fresh cinnamon stick.

Strawberry Mojito ….. 89k
An Orchard favourite… import white Rum muddled with fresh mint, lime juice, fresh-pressed sugar cane syrup, strawberry fruit purée and a splash of soda, topped with a sprig of mint & fresh handpicked strawberry.

Bloody Mary ….. 85k
The hangover cure from heaven… freshly squeezed lemon, spicy tabasco sauce, cracked pepper, a dash of L’n’P sauce,
with a touch of ground sea salt and garnished with celery.

Orchard Red Wine Sangria …..89k
A delightful mix of white Rum, red wine, infused with spices, chopped fresh Strawberries, mango & pineapple & a splash of fizzy lemon.

Orchard White wine Sangria ….. 89k
A refreshing mixed combo of white Rum, white wine, infused with spices, chopped fresh strawberries, mango & pineapple with a dash of fizzy lemon.

Strawberry & vanilla Roska ….. 85k
Fresh local strawberries muddled with lime wedges, mixed with sugar cane syrup & vodka.

Classic Cosmopolitan ….. 85k
Vodka, shaken with rich orange liqueur, fresh lime juice, sugar cane syrup & tangy burned orange zest.

The Orchard Frozen Coconut Daiquiri ….. 85k
A taste of paradise. Import white rum, coconut liquor, blended beautifully with coconut meat & rich cream of coconut for a delightfully lip-smacking tropical cooler.

The Orchard Frozen Mango Daiquiri ….. 85k
A delicious tropical mix of white rum, freshly blended mango, mango syrup all blended together on ice for a lip-smacking summer cool down.

The Orchard Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri ….. 85k
Fresh Bedugul strawberries, white rum, blended with ice and strawberry syrup for a mouthwatering sunset refresher.

Orchard Toblerone ….. 99k
An alcoholic dessert cocktail. A chocolate lovers dream combo of Bailey’s, Kahlua, milk, vanilla ice cream and a chocolate syrup lined glass.

Mint Aero ….. 89k
Another after-dinner favourite of crème de menthe, crème de cacao shaken on ice with rich double cream and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Old Fashioned ….. 79k
The astute gentlemen of cocktails. A powerful mix of bourbon whiskey, angostura bitter, sweetened and stirred with sugar cane syrup and garnished with burned orange zest.

The Orchard Long Island ….. 89k
A blend of Vodka, Rum, Gin, triple sec, local honey, fresh lime and a dash of Dry for a drink that’ll knock your socks off!

Cocktails made by our expert mixologists - The Orchard Bar & Restaurant


Apple, carrot, orange
Apple, beetroot, carrot
Pineapple, lemon, orange, apple
Mixed juice
Melon pineapple, strawberry, banana


Cold beer at The Orchard Bar & Restaurant



San Miguel ….. Half 89k. Pint 70k
Heineken ….. Half 55k. Pint 75k


Bintang ….. 39k
Bintang Radler ….. 39k
San Miguel Light ….. 45k