Electric Cadillac The band is blues singer and guitarist Kongko Bangun Pambudi, Kunto, Tju Sandy Hasan, and Handy Salim.

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Electric Cadillac is a blues-rock band founded in 2008 consisting of one of the top Indonesian blues singers and guitarist Kongko Bangun Pambudi, talented bassist Kunto, classy keyboardist Tju Sandy Hasan, and one of the best drummers in Indonesia, Handy Salim.

Based in Jakarta, Electric Cadillac has brought an energetic blend of sounds was combining a hybrid of blues, hard rock and psychedelic rock. Kongko’s guitar and vocals are the factors responsible for the blues feel of the band while the psychedelic touch is brought in by Tju Sandy Hasan on keys, Enti Widodo on bass, and Meidian Syahputra’s drumming style does definitely has a hint of jazz influence in it.

They started the band in 2008 and have been creating ever since. Their debut album Take a Ride featuring catchy yet rich blues tunes both in Bahasa Indonesia and English, with lyrics that are easy to relate to as they are mostly inspired by the ups and downs of daily life.