Phil Stoodley An Orchard regular with tours of NZ, Australia and Japan under his belt.

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Phil has been part of The Orchard family pretty much since day dot and has made his name not just in Bali but through a number of successful tours of Australia, New Zealand and most recently Japan.

Phil Stoodley has seen his fair share of travelling; whether from stage to stage with a guitar in hand or just jumping borders with a map and a whim, a desire to fill pages with fresh creativity has driven him for the better part of his adult life. 

As fate had it, this musician was given his first guitar at age fifteen after his dad ‘got lucky’ at the horses. By seventeen he was bashing out tunes in heavy metal rock band “Silent Scream” and making a name for himself at pubs and festivals throughout the lower North Island of New Zealand. 

Phil then went on to spend the best part of his youth dedicating himself to working as a musician travelling across New Zealand in various covers and original bands. Also working in music production for festivals and concerts for international acts such as Tina Turner, Crowded House and Joe Cocker.