The Island Souls Back to their roots, the boys and their new set up are truly electrifying to watch!

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Originally fronted by legendary blues daddy Aray Daulay, The Island Souls are a band that were literally born in The Orchard. After front man Aray tragically passed away last year, the boys initially struggled to find their feet but my lord… they are back with a vengeance.

After a long period of finding their feet and back to their roots, the boys and their new set up has become truly electrifying to watch!

The multi-genre blues rock sound they are so well known for has began bursting at the seams again and the silky smooth vocals from Joe Dread and rhythm on a new electric guitar courtesy of the fourtwnty boys, plus the highly talented Momo on lead, the Island souls are hitting a whole new level of musicianship with such tight performances and a mutual understanding of what needs to be achieved to grab the audience by the hair and shake them.

These boys are now fast becoming a one to watch band on the island again!